Monday, 15 December 2014

The Fish in the Forest

You never know where you’ll end up when you step into the storytelling circle in Hoe Fen. Last Tuesday I was transported into the cold depths of Russia – perhaps not such a shock since it was pretty cold already!

While in Russia I met farmer Oleg, who had made a very fortunate discovery...

Farmer Oleg finding treasure!

While digging he had found a chest of gold! But, rather than celebrating this wonderful news with his wife like most men would, he chose not to do so. Fearing her wagging tongue, he had to hide his find, otherwise the evil King Igor would come and claim the gold for himself. What could he do?! His wife Alyona had heard him trying to hide the treasure and had become suspicious.

Then Oleg came up with an ingenious plan. He went to the market and bought fish, cakes and sausages.

At the market he bought fish...


and sausages.

Returning to the forest, he laid the fish on the grass, hung the cakes from a tree and tied sausages from a fishing line. He then rushed home to tell his wife. His wife was amazed!

Fish swimming in the grass!

Then suddenly King Igor turned up at their door, demanding the gold he had heard was there. 

King Igor and his majestic cloak
Oleg’s poor confused wife told the King of the fish swimming in the grass, the sausages in the river and the cakes growing from the trees. It was clear to King Igor this woman was mad as a march hare. She’d clearly made up the story about the gold. King Igor left empty handed. 

But while many may have thought Oleg had outwitted his wife, she was no dizzy goose. Alyona had in fact pocketed some gold herself!

Then the scenes of Russia melted away and I was back in the storytelling circle. I was now in the company of the Home Educators’ drama group who had been putting on a performance of the play they were working on this term.

Chatting to the cast, everyone had loved taking part. Naomi's favourite part was using coconut shells to make the sound of King Igor galloping, while Billy loved his role as narrator. 

Billy and Ethan - the narrators of the tale
Farmer Oleg, played by Hadley, explained the use of Lego as currency to me –I’ll be holding onto the next long yellow piece of Lego I find as it’s worth 200 rupees! 

King Igor’s fabulous cloak had been made by Jo and Lotte from lovely autumnal leaves. Lotte, who played the not so ditsy wife, loved lighting her candle and getting to have the last line of the play!

Their director Jo says...

"The process of taking our Russian folktale (first told to them in the treehouse many weeks ago) and turning it into a play with props and costumes has been a real journey for our Home Ed group. For most of the children, it is their first foray into the world of drama, let alone performing outdoors, where the natural environment can create greater demands on projecting one's voice. (Hercules aircraft overhead, not withstanding!)

I was amazed at Ethan's natural ability for turning two thirds of the story into a script, which included him researching Russian Geography and canvassing the cast on which Russian names they liked best for their characters!

If you had asked 3 of the cast whether they would be in a performance when we first met in September, they would have run a mile! So what they achieved yesterday (albeit a work in progress) was amazing!"

The full cast were...

Narrators: Billy and Ethan
Farmer Oleg: Hadley
Farmer's wife, Alyona: Lotte
King Igor: Jem
Fishmonger Larisa: Naomi
Baker Alina: Esme
Butcher Marta: Penny
King's soldiers: Naomi and Esme

We hope the Home Educators will continue putting on fabulous performances. I look forward to where they'll take me next time!

Sophie Atkinson
Family Volunteering Project Co-ordinator and Community Engagement Assistant
Anglesey Abbey 

Photography © Sophie Atkinson 

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