Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bird box bonanza

We love birds at Anglesey Abbey. That’s why we give them a helping hand by giving them lovely bird boxes to make their homes. Dotted around Hoe Fen, you’ll spot them tucked away out of harm’s way.

Once a year they need a clear out though. This stops nasty parasites building up and makes room for new nests next year. So this year we set off on a little bit of a treasure hunt to find all the boxes and clear them out. Julie did sterling work clearing them out (and also spotting them!).

Julie really took a lichen to cleaning out moss!

We all had a bit of a surprise to find an adult blue tit still nesting in one!!

Our feathery friend

It was reluctant to fly but after close inspection the poor fellow seemed fine. Nice to know our nest boxes are being used though. Hopefully next year we’ll have lots of new birds moving in!

Sophie Atkinson
Anglesey Abbey
Family Volunteering Project Co-ordinator and Community Engagement Assistant

Photography © Sophie Atkinson

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