Sunday, 19 October 2014

Gutter Bridged

Today is a good day for an update on the Gutter Bridge community woodland project in Swaffham Bulbeck. 

Since the last update - the lease has been signed so the land is now leased to the Parish Council and the village steering group has been moving things forward. 

Fortunately one of their members is a master craftsman and has built a bridge to cross the stream which was installed in September,. This provides safe an easy access for villagers to the woodland with out going on the road. 

Since the nesting bird season  finished the rangers have been back to having working parties int he woodland, and have cleared the entrance way, making it nice and light and open. Today they have planted 3000 native bluebell bulbs in the first glade which they cleared last year. 

It was a tactical affair with well planned markers and bags of 100 bulbs to go around each one, nice and evenly. The reality may have been different when people were faced with 3000 bulbs, and certainly my approach ended up beging slightly more like sling them in and hope for the best (don't tell the organiser)! We will see the results when hopefully a blanket of purple covers the glade next spring!

Lois Baker

Community Ranger
Wicken Fen

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