Friday, 16 May 2014

Student weaving…

On a recent sunny weekend Cambridge students set about building a willow sculpture
for the Anglesey Abbey Community team. Lead by local artist, Jane Frost,
our aim was to construct a natural structure that could be explored and reimaged) by children (and adults!) visiting Anglesey this summer. The hope it is can also travel (somewhat precariously- it JUST fits on our trailer…!) with the community team to National Trust out-reach events, getting children and community groups enthused for the wonders (and sculptural possibilities!) of the natural world.

A group of Cambridge students, acting as Student Ambassadors for the National Trust, organised the event, find out more about them at They invited students from across the colleges to take a break from revision stress and help out.

 Weaving began early Saturday morning in the Newham college gardens. Thanks to Head Gardener Tony Arnold for letting us use their space. Much was a-woven...!

On the 'academic side' of things our conversations with Jane ranged from the physical, chemical and philosophical significance of natural materials, to the historical, anthropological and archaeological aspects to willow making, to the practice of exam revision vs the practice of making art ...(I'm not making this up!!!)

Our masterpiece is yet to be christened. I wanted to go for ‘the Solemn Salix Snail Sanctuary’ (woven willow snails to be later addition), Salix, according to Wikipedia being the genus of the willow tree)...!

Maddie Geddes-Barton,

National Trust Student Ambassador

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