Monday, 14 April 2014

Woodland Printmaking with Eddie's

Artist-in-residence, local artist-printmaker, Susie Turner will be sharing her skills in printmaking with members of Eddie's who regularly tend to the secret garden in Hoe Fen Wildlife Discovery Area. 

The workshops are taking place in the discovery cabin close to the secret garden. This week participants learnt how to transfer simple drawings of wildlife into fine art prints using techniques of drypoint and the use of a small etching press. 

Examples of their work:

Susie Turner
Artist in Residence

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Marking the way (part three - completed!)

Last week we had our final session to finish the waymarker project we have been working on with Highfields School.

Tabi Frost, the metal artist we worked with a few months ago to design metal rubbing plates, brought back the finished items which looked amazing.

And after painting the tops of all the posts we had worked so hard to put in the ground we fitted them together to create three different coloured rubbing trail routes through our Hoe Fen Wildlife Area.

Make sure you take a walk there soon to have  a look for yourself – and don’t forget your paper and crayons!

Janet Jephcott
Community Engagement Officer
Anglesey Abbey

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Focus on family activities at Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey Community Team members got together last Thursday to share skills to ensure that we have lots of fun activities for visiting families to enjoy.

First off, Helen described the importance and power of stories for children and shared imaginative ideas for storytelling sessions we could run for families. We have some lovely books and masks to help bring stories to life. If you're visiting and would like to join in, ask at Reception to see if there's a storytelling session on that day.

Then Viv had us all peering down microscopes, fascinated by the world of bugs and mini beasts. We could see the scales on a butterfly's wing and the veins in a decaying leaf. Amazing! We have four microscopes in the Discovery Cabin, so find out from Reception if there's a 'mini beast' session planned for the day you are visiting, and head on down to Hoe Fen.


After lunch we cleaned, tidied and restocked our Inspiration Station, the giant wooden fir cone in the Reception area. Philippa has redesigned the resources with an emphasis on reusing materials - so our colourful new bug pots had a previous life as yogurt pots and we're using scrap paper in our drawing books. We have some lovely new crayons too, so why not come along and be inspired to explore Anglesey Abbey and draw something from your visit.


Kate, Community Reporter