Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Splashing about...

On Monday I went to help Fen Ditton school look after their school pond. It has been neglected for a few years and as a result was covered in vegetation which had formed a thick mat of roots across the whole pond. 

Plants are god for a wildlife pond, they oxygenate the water, provide food and cover for creatures but there needs to be a balance between open water and cover and this pond had gone too far! 

We attacked it with shears and rakes, dragging the nice soggy lumps of vegetation and mud out. I had to put the waders on get in, I managed to stay dry but there were a few close calls! Lesley, an NT volunteer who also works at Fen Ditton school actually got wetter on the edge, I was in trouble for not bringing two pairs of waders!

We cleared around 90% of the cover, a lot will regrow over the summer. The vegetation has been left on the sides so any pond life can make its way safely back in to the water and we will move them to a compost pile next week once they've dried out a bit. 

We look forward to watching the wildlife return to the pond in the spring and the children should be able to get out to the pond to pond dip again. 

Community Ranger
 Wicken Fen

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