Sunday, 23 February 2014

Rooms to rent.....

The feathered residents of Gutter Bridge woodland can get ready to nest in luxury this spring as today the village working party put up 15 new nest boxes in the wood. They were a mixture of tit boxes and open fronted Robin boxes to provide homes for a range of species in the woodland. Hopefully there will be some residents this spring. 

Just two days late to be in the BTO's national nest box week!, hopefully the birds won't mind!

We followed some of the golden rules of nest box putting up:

  • Spacing out boxes far enough apart for birds territories do not to clash
  • Facing away from the prevailing wind and rain to keep them warm and dry 
  • Hiding open fronted boxes in lots of cover
  • Leaving clear flight paths to tit boxes

 They should be satisfactory to prospective tenants! We'll keep you updated as we monitor them this year.

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