Friday, 28 February 2014

Marking the Way

Before Christmas we started a project to improve the way-markers that help visitors navigate the Wildlife Discovery Area at Anglesey Abbey.
A group of pupils from Highfield Special School in Ely helped us map out the paths and decide how many way-markers we needed, as well as think about how they may look.
We decided the way-markers would also double up as a rubbings trail with a range of images that reflected the plants, wildlife and activities that can be found in this part of Anglesey Abbey.
After a break for the winter the group is back to continue the next part of this project and this week they had a session with a metal artist; Tabi Frost.
The group prepared a selection of zinc plates ready for etching:

Step one – sanding the zinc plates smooth

Step two - applying tape to mask the areas we don’t want to etch

Step three – drawing on the designs

Everyone worked really hard and we managed to prepare 35 plates ready to be etched.

Tabi will now take the plates away and cover the drawings with a paint to protect them, the plates will then go into an acid bath and we will be left with a raised image.
These plates will be mounted onto posts to create our way markers and rubbing trail – next week will be a complete change as we will be digging holes for the posts.

Janet Jephcott
Community Engagement Officer
Anglesey Abbey

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