Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Students study the vision...

On Friday I was visited by year 7 students from Soham Village College who before Christmas were studying the Wicken Fen Vision Project and debating the pros and cons. This finished with them all writing letters to the fen outlining their arguments for and against the Vision Project and coming to a decision for or against at the end. 

Fourteen Pupils came out to visit the fen, to ask further questions about the Vision Project,give us their letters and explore the fen in person. 

The majority of letters concluded the vision project was a good thing and should go ahead:

' 'I can only hope that your ventures towards expansion work towards your liking and that you achieve what you have leapt out to do.'

'If we don't preserve out wildlife such as Wicken Fen  then future generations will not be able to visit and enjoy the countryside and all the wildlife.'

Some were in disagreement though:

' In my opinion I think Wicken Fen should stay as it is at the moment. The reason I think this is because at the moment Wicken Fen is fantastic for everyone'.

It was great afternoon finding out what the students had been able to learn about their local environment in order to form opinions on what they thought should happen to it based on how it would effect both wildlife and the local community.

Lois Baker
Community Ranger
Wicken Fen

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