Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Anglesey and Wicken Community Team!

We had a bit of a blog error over Christmas when my phone synced with the blog photos and I (stupidly/naively/accidentally) assumed that deleting them from my phone albums would not result int hem being deleted from the Blog - unfortunately that wasn't case! All the photos are gone!

We are slowly back filling the photos that were deleted from the originals but there maybe a few blank spaces on old posts for a while!

On a more positive note there are lots of community plans for 2014, watch this space for:

- The Community Wall at Anglesey Abbey
- Big Family Day Out - corporate volunteering with families
- Nature Clubs Launch
- Fifty Things to Do Before your 11 3/4 in 2014
- More Tree Planting!
- The return of the Walking Festival 
- The Gutter Bridge and Reach Village Projects
- Anglesey Abbeys Domestic Wing Project 

And much more .....!

Community Ranger
Wicken Fen

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