Monday, 28 October 2013

Walk the Fens

It's the last week of the Great British Walk this week. We had our longest walk of the festival at Wicken and Anglesey on Saturday. Keen walkers set out from Anglesey Abbey for an 8 mile walk and Wicken Fen for a 13 mile walk. It wasn't all hard work though, both groups met up at the Red Lion in Swaffham Prior for a pub lunch half way around. Nearly fifty walkers descended on the pub for a well earned lunch break before walking back. 

I lead the 13 mile route from Wicken, it turned out to be one of the most interesting routes across the fens; it avoided too much road and there weren't any straight long stretches where you can see where you will be walking for miles ahead of you, which often occurs on the fens and is disheartening if you have tiring legs!

The route included Walking along Wicken Lode to Upware, then along Reach Lode to the bridge where we got great views over Burwell Fen which had Lapwings and Redshank gathering along with herds of Roe Deer to spot running around. We took a break at the portrait bench by the bridge sharing our snacks with the figures of the entomologist, eel catcher and fen skater. Then it was across Tubney Fen and long a slightly muddy track to Swaffham Prior where we saw a confused Tawney Owl. 

The return journey took a long Devils Dyke to reach so we got our history fix whilst admiring the views you get from being a few feet higher, then walked along Reach Lode back to the bridge and followed the cycle path to Wicken, passing the Highland Cows on Burwell Fen.

Lois Baker
Community Ranger
Wicken Fen 

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