Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Project Wild Thing

Last week we held a community preview of the film Project Wild Thing. Project Wild Thing is a film based movement to raise awareness of the declining role nature and the outdoors is playing in childrens lives. The term 'Nature Deficit Disorder' is used to describe the worry that nowadays children don't spend as much time outdoors as their parents and grandparents did.

David Bond has made a film to explore this idea and see what the impacts of it are on children. He makes himself the 'Marketing Director of Nature' to try and sell nature to the nations children. 

The film is being shown in Picture House cinemas on the 27th of Ocotober. The Cambirdge scrrening is at 3pm. 

We had the chance to have a preview screening and we invited along our community partners from Anglesey Abbey and Wicken Fen who also work with children. The response to the film was postive and there was a lot of enthusiam for taking the project forward and raising awareness of this in Cambridgeshire.

When I think back to how much time I spent outdoors as a child it was quite a lot, either in the garden for an hour or so, the afternoon at a local park, days in Thetford forest or holidays at the beach (In the North of Scotland so it was more catching fish in rock pools than sun bathing!). I appreciate that I was lucky in that it was pretty easy for me to get to outdoor space, but I defintely think that time was important, my best childhood memories are from these times, and it influenced my choice of career in conservation and working for the National Trust. Children need to learn to enjoy and love the outdoors so they want to look after and conserve it in the future, we will need more rangers!

What can you do?

Sign up to swapping screen time for wildtime at the project wild thing website or download the app with ideas of fun things to do outdoors:  http://projectwildthing.com/take-action

Its not all doom and gloom... these guys had great fun outdoors at the Gutter Bridge Plantation yesterday, we had another working party there and it was all hands on deck to clear a path which the children rolled logs all the way along to the glade we created last time to make seats.

Lois Baker
Community Ranger
Wicken Fen

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