Sunday, 6 October 2013

Brambles, Brambles, Brambles

The Cambridge National Trust volunteers are a group of volunteers that support National Trust properties in and around Cambridge, doing various conservation tasks every Sunday. They last helped at Wicken in February  clearing out a barn.

Today we did things slightly differently and instead of getting CNTV to help with a task at Wicken I asked them to help me out at  one of the local schools we work with. We've been working with Waterbeach primary school  since 2008 and they have a great outdoor space for forest school lessons. The advantage of a large outdoor nature area is looking after it and around a third has been inaccessible for the last dew years due to being overgrown with brambles. So CNTV came out today to help me and a teacher clear the brambles away. Thanks to their hard work we opened up a lot of new spaces for den building, created a new path around the in accessible part of the outdoor area and tidied up the existing . It was a bit scratchy but there were lots of berries to eat while we worked!

Pics Below!

Community Ranger
Wicken Fen

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