Thursday, 18 July 2013

Blitzing the Fen!

We held our second bioblitz at wicken this weekend, experts and the public came out to the fen to count as many different species as possible in 24 hours. There were a series of guided walks, Bats, Dragonflies and Fen flora and family activities  pond dipping and minibeast hunting. The current total is over 600 with data still to input.

Highlight were:
  • 188 Sopranoe pipistrelle Bats leavign their roost
  • Glow worms along the lode banks
  • Cambridge Mammal Society finding a Water shrew and a Yellow Necked Mouse in their traps.
  • The discovery of a new beetle, never recorded at Wicken Fen before – the ‘Rusty Red Click Beetle’ – which is a Red Data book species
  • A total of 209 different moth species, including the rare reed leopard and marsh carpet moths.
Thanks to all the volunteers that helped, especially bug life and the environment agency. 

Community Ranger
Wicken Fen

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