Saturday, 11 May 2013

Homes for hedgehogs

Nine lucky hedgehogs have moved into their new homes in Hoe Fen, thanks to the efforts of students from Highfield School. The hedgehogs were too small to survive hibernation, and have spent the Winter and early Spring at Shepreth Wildlife Centre. Now the warmer weather has finally arrived, they are big enough to forage for themselves and will be brought to their new homes at Anglesey later this week.

The Highfield team are now expert hedgehog home builders - here's the process:

Build supports for a plywood roof

Cover it with sticks from the eco piles (lots of food potential here)

Fill it with hay for bedding (it's still cold at night time)

Although we'll put food out for the hedgehogs for the first few days, they'll probably prefer to find their own food soon. There are plenty of beetles and worms around, so they should thrive.

The current group from Highfield have been spending their Wednesday mornings working to maintain the Wildlife Discovery Area since the start of term and it's looking great: the bluebells are out, birds are nest building and the the trees are greening up at last. 


Next time, we'll be looking for signs that the hedgehogs used the homes we built before they move out to explore the area and find their own food.

Kate Boursnell
Community Reporter
Anglesey Abbey

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