Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hedgehogs move in … and out

Students from Granta School welcomed nine hedgehogs to Anglesey Abbey's Hoe Fen Wildlife Discovery Area last week. The nine prickly newcomers were moving to their new home as part of a programme to release over 70 hedgehogs brought to Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital as underweight juveniles last autumn. 



Natasha Ennew, a Trustee of the Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity, explained how each hedgehog's own unique ID tag will enable the release programme to be monitored. If you find a hedgehog with one of these tags, please go to the Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity website www.swccharity.org and report it.


 We took the hedgehogs to the homes built by Highfield students the previous day, and watched them trundle off into the warmth of the hay.



Some of them were definitely more wide awake than others, and keen to explore their new surroundings. 

The Community Team checked that there was enough food and water each day, but the hedgehogs were obviously more interested in finding their own worms and beetles. One week after the hedgehogs first moved in, Highfield students could see that the hedgehogs had nearly all moved out. We left dried cat food and water for them, just in case. 

If you do come across any of our hedgehogs, don't forget to complete the survey at www.swccharity.org, but it would be great if you could let the Community Team know too, so we can keep Granta and Highfield updated.

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