Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Highfield School help Anglesey get ready for latest land art project

Building a bird's nest big enough to play in takes a bit of pre-planning. On Wednesday, Bill and I helped students and staff from Highfield School in Ely to gather cones and moss to line the nest. Moss grows really well on the shady woodland floor in Hoe Fen, so it didn't take long to fill two big bin liners with soft springy moss. As one of the students said, "I liked collecting moss, I think I did a good job."

Then we moved on to the area of pine trees behind the Redwoods restaurant to collect cones.


There weren't too many to be found here, so we tried under the trees in the Emperor's Walk. We were much luckier here, with dozens of cones (especially long thin ones) carpeting the ground under the trees. We also found some fungi, which we think were probably puffballs. They were darker in colour than normal, but this might have been because they were quite old. Any thoughts?

Everyone had worked so quickly to collect the moss and cones, that we had time to explore the Winter Garden before it was time for Highfield to leave. There was some discussion about who should carry the trug of cones, as it was quite heavy, but every one took their turn.

Even if the snowdrops have passed their peak, they still look wonderful, and the cyclamens, crocuses and hellebores are coming in into flower too. We stopped to chat to visitors and to take in the colours. Simply stunning!


And the giant bird's nest? See how St Philip's School and Cambridge University student volunteers built the nest, and lined it with our moss and cones: http://wickenandangleseycommunity.blogspot.co.uk/2013_03_01_archive.html

Next time you visit the Redwoods restaurant, why not have a look?

Kate Boursnell
Community Reporter

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