Monday, 11 March 2013

Bringing Hoe Fen to the restaurant

On Saturday we had a great day at Anglesey Abbey doing some land art. We brought together two our community groups, children from St Phillips school who regularly visit Anglesey to help with projects and Student Volunteers from Cambridge University who, through the National Trust Society, have helped us with a range of tasks this year.

We wanted to create a fun outdoor space for children to play in in the Anglesey Restaurant Garden, taking inspiration from the outdoor play areas in the Hoe Fen Wildlife Discovery Area.

So take 10 pupils, 6 Students, 1 artist (Becca) and 2 big piles of sticks and what do you get?

A giant outdoor nest to play in!

Nina was our measuring stick, we had to get taller than her!

It was a really fun day with everyone working well to together and having a lot of fun despite the cold, the restaurant provided us with a great lunch to keep the workers well fuelled, the hot chocolate was the particular favourite. Everyone appeared to be very proud of what they had achieved!

You can see some of Beccas other work at

Community Ranger

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