Monday, 11 February 2013

White Fen Community Woodland

Today we planted 300+ trees at White Fen Community Woodland. The Woodlands Trust Funded the trees and a team of 13 villaers from Lode and Long Meadow put in the hard work to plant them. I was worried last night, with the weather forcast, I thought I woudl have 300 trees to plant in the rain by myself, but they were not detered!

The National Trust has been working with Lode and Long Meadow Parish Council for the last three years toestablish the area as a local woodland for the community. Planting started in 2010 with three community tree planting days in February where 1800 trees were planted.
In 2011 there was further tree planting as part of the Planting Parishes scheme, a joint
project by the Woodlands Trust and East Cambridgeshire District Council to raise
money for planting trees. This funded the planting of 800 trees by the local villagers,
over 40 people turned out for the tree planting day, and a further 1450 trees were
also planted by contractors.
Planting continued in 2012 with a variety of local community groups getting
involved, a team of staff from Halifax Bank, pupils from Perse School in Cambridge
and the National Trust Family Volunteers group. The Woodlands trust also provided
trees for another planting day with local villages from Lode and Long Meadow where
400 now trees were planted and after care work was undertaken on previously
planted trees.

Its great that we've more trees planted already this year, with more still to do. I'm not looking forward mowing season though as it takes a while to get around them all!

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