Thursday, 14 February 2013

Molehills and mud

What a difference a fortnight makes!
No snow this week, so Granta School were back to work at Anglesey Abbey after their wildlife tracking last time. The melted snow, visitors' boots and a gang of very active moles have made the paths muddy and slippery, so today's priority was path repair.
The Granta work experience students have been helping us develop and maintain the Discovery Area at Hoe Fen for some time now, so know the ropes.
Teams of students took turns at shovelling shredded branches into the wheelbarrows - surprisingly difficult as the chippings all seem to have stuck together into a solid mass somehow - wheeling the barrows along the winding paths, and tipping the load onto the next area to be repaired.
Then it was all hands to the rakes to spread the chippings out to form a safe, flat walking surface.
Granta teacher Chris Cole gave us a display of the students' work for us to put up in the Hoe Fen Discovery Cabin. Here's a sneak preview, but why not come along and have a look yourself at how the students integrate their work experience at Anglesey Abbey into their school-based learning.
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