Monday, 18 February 2013

Luxury for insects at Wicken....

I had a busy week last week with lots of community goings on at half term:

We had the introductory meeting of the Community Liaison Forum at Wicken Fen on Tuesday evening. This new forum combines all of the members of Wickens previous community consultation groups, the Parish Liaison group, the Spine Route Steering Group and the User Forum. The idea is that the group, which has representatives from local parishes and local user groups, such as the Fenland Bridleway Association, is a way for the Trust to communicate it's plans with local people and gain feedback and advice on how it can develop projects with local communities and users in mind. This was an introductory meeting and there were some interesting discussions about what the group is about, how communities can make the most of it and who should be represented.

On Thursday I ran a Geocaching Day at the Fen, giving people a chance to come and have their first go at geocaching during half term. Geocaching is a global treasure hunt, where people hide 'caches' usually lunch boxes and record their location using a GPS. Others can then find the boxes using the co-ordinates and put something in the box and take something out, all with out being spotted by 'Muggles' (non geocachers!) At Wicken we have 5 caches and they also have activities about the fen in them to do. We had lots of interested groups going out to have a go on Thursday and they were all successful in finding their first geocaches.

Friday was another Family Muck In Day where our team of volunteer families constructed a new insect hotel at Wicken Fen. This was made entirely out of recycled items, a frame of pallets, filled with lots of things which make good insect homes. Bamboo in tubes for ladybirds and solitary bees, wood and reed for beetles and  tiles and bricks to create crevices and cracks for spiders and beetles. Thanks again to the families for all their hard work, fortunately the return of some sunshine made it a lovely day to be outdoors.

If you'd like to try making your own insect hotel here is a great link:

Come and check out ours next time you're at Wicken.

Finally on Saturday the Cambridge University National Trust Society students helped us with more tree planting at White Fen, more pictures and info to follow on this from Kate.

Community Ranger

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