Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Wildlife Tracking

Students from Granta School come to Anglesey Abbey every other week to work on practical projects in the Hoe Fen Wildlife Discovery Area. This week's snow gave them the perfect opportunity to do a bit of detective work. The Fen and Avenue areas were criss crossed with mammal and bird tracks: rabbit, roe deer, pheasant, fox and …. badger?

We thought these were badger prints, but have a look and let us know what you think:

Each paw print had 5 clear digits, with claws, and they seemed to be about the right size:

The students were also lucky enough to see a tiny bank vole from the hide, foraging for seeds that had fallen from the bird feeders.

If the snow has melted by their next visit, the students will be working on the upkeep of the Hoe Fen Wildlife Discovery Area. But if not, perhaps there'll be another chance to do some wildlife sleuthing.

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