Wednesday, 23 January 2013

More snow, and students!

National Trust for Cambridge Students
The Society Logo
We had a meeting this week with the student ambassadors from Cambridge University, who from one intern at Anglesey Abbey last year, along with Janet (Community Officer at Anglesey) have over the 18months set up a team of 8 student ambassadors, who promote the National Trust at Cambridge University. In turn the ambassadors have now set up a society at the university. We were discussing their plans for the societies activities this term.

They have arranged a talk for students at the Univeristy by the Trusts Regional Curator Miker Sutherill, 'Interpreting Our Past: heritage projects of the National Trust and how you can get involved.'  Gareth, House Manager at Anglesey will also be talking about how students can get invovled with doing research projects and internships at Anglesey for their new domestic wing project.

Later in the term they are organising a conservation day; students can come out to Wicken Fen and we will be planting trees at White Fen community woodland, stopping for lunch around the campfire at the wild camp site.

The third event for the term will be the students working on a Land Art project at Anglesey to get the students working with other community groups that use Anglesey Abbey on an art project. 

So all sorts of exciting things to look forward to.

Also you may have noticed there has been more snow this week, so more snowy pics:

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