Monday, 14 January 2013


Welcome to my new Blog, as Community Ranger at Wicken Fen I get involved with all sorts of different activities with local community groups around Wicken Fen and I thought in 2013 I would share a bit more about it, hopefully it will be of interest! It might also be a chance to find out about opportunities and ideas of other things the National Trust can be involved in in the area. 

This weekend I was at the Reach 24 Acres to help the village plant their Community Orchard. This is a piece of land which the National Trust purchased in 2011, with funds from Esmee Fairburn Foundation and the ALbadora Trust, as part of the Wicken Vision Project.  As it is so close to the village of Reach and at the edge of the fen the Trust has leased the land to the parish council.

Over the last year a team of keen and dedicated villagers have been taking forward different ideas for community projects on the land, gathering support and applying for funding. These include a community woodland, a village cricket pitch and a horse menage for local people to use.

Saturday was an exciting day as the first project, a Community Orchard kicked off with a tree planting day. 154 fruit trees, all local varieties were planted by over 40 villagers who braved the mud and the cold! Hopefully it will be worth it when they can literally enjoy the fruits of their labour!

I went along to help with planting in the morning and it was really great after over a year of planning to see something happening on the land as the orchard began to take shape. The enthusiasm from the tree planters was unbeatable! 

This is a picture of the land when it was purchased, we should see it slowly transform this year:

 Some happy tree planters:

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